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Dr. Tarane Sondoozi

Dr. Tarane SondooziWe each have a story and stories are about relationships – with ourselves and with others. My mission is to unleash the power of your story.

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Healthy Relationships
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 Very funny and insightful talk. I learned a lot and have been thinking about all I learned from her the last few days. Her words stuck
with me because of her fantastic way of relating to the audience.


Yes, yes, yes! I so glad that I went to hear her speak. Hers is the talk that I went to when I left the Stress/anxiety/depression talk and I liked it so much that I stayed and listened to it again for the second session. She was funny, real, and had such a positive attitude. I have adopted some of her talk to my life as well. I am starting my day thinking positively. I am looking for the positive in every
situation and I have stopped starting my change of shift report with how short we are and since I have skipped over that part, no one’s shift starts by focusing on what’s wrong with staffing and it has helped lessen the tension of the morning. If she has a book out, I’m going to buy it!!!


“Dr. Sandoozi was an excellent speaker. I would like to see more sessions facilitated by her in the future!”


“Very informative conference that will enhance my practice at home. Very energetic and engaging speaker. Used humor in a very caring manner.”


“She was amazing!! My favorite lecture by far!!!”