Testimonials from Scripps Cancer Care Symposium 2014

Testimonial from annual high school visits

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“I have said WOW! so many times since I left your class yesterday. You and the information that you shared, reached me in so many ways that I am not sure how to explain it. The things we discussed had a serious positive impact, not only on my health and myself personally, but on every other aspect of my life, including work and family. I thank you sincerely from my heart, and I am very excited about the next opportunity that we can share more. I hope that Scripps as a company realizes and appreciates the gift that they offer us as employees through your classes. I surely hope they appreciate you for the wonderful contrubution that you are.  I would love to see and take advantage of other classes like yesterday, and I personally want to see more people avail themselves to the great experience. I will be looking for more classes for myself, talking to others here at work and in my life, and most of all, getting back in touch with you. I value our newly developed network. We will be talking more, but if there is ever anything that I could offer and “give back”, I’ll be ready and excited to do so.  Bottom Line: A+++.”


Tom M.

“I attended your seminar last Friday (5/25) here at the RB Clinic, and thought it was one of the best I’ve ever been to. Your stories and practical advice were entertaining and informational at the same time. In a word, I loved it!!”

Judy M.

I can’t tell you how wonderful your seminar was yesterday. I have often thought of our hearts as being gifts more than muscles. Your insight always helps me to see more clearly or understand more deeply things I may feel but have not put into solid thoughts. This is my fourth time being able to hear you speak and each time is better than the last. Thank you again for being there for us. You are a very special lady.

M. Gray