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Dr. Tarane SondooziIn both my personal and professional life, I have discovered the power of stories. Our personal narrative is rich with insight, learning and wisdom that can be understood and utilized in enhancing our personal and professional growth and wellbeing. I partner with my individual and organizational clients to promote the importance of self-awareness and a reflective and mindful presence as an integral part of personal and professional wellness.

I teach and share the practical tools and resources I use myself, with individuals and companies to enhance engagement, increase employee and customer satisfaction and promote work-life integration at both the personal and organizational level. I inspire, empower and motivate my audience to ask questions, reflect on themselves and others by teaching from my own experiences and stories.

You can select from the services that I provide or I can create and customize presentations and programs that meet your specific needs. I understand that we learn best when we are having fun. My presentations are described as engaging, entertaining, fun and interactive.

From years of professional and personal experience, I’ve come to understand that we are all seeking to be convinced that we are loved and that we belong! We are all looking for that one person in that one place where we can go and feel truly seen, heard, accepted and cared for.

To be seen requires us to see ourselves and others first. When we are seen and more importantly when we actually see ourselves and others, we can begin to care for ourselves and others. When we care intensely and deeply for ourselves, we can naturally begin to care for our families, our colleagues, our friends, and our global community – in more effective and healthier ways.

We begin to live and work well when we align our words and actions with our thoughts, feelings and intentions. We speak the truth when it’s necessary and do so with kindness. We make choices from compassion instead of resentment, guilt and obligation. We eventually realize that we’re all connected and that our individual actions and even thoughts affect the greater whole.

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