Unleash the Power of Your Story with Life Coaching

As a storyologist /coach I help my clients to move from Transactional living to Transformational living through understanding their personal narratives. By helping my clients master their stories, they begin to respond rather than react to triggers in their everyday lives and prevent the damage caused by reactionary patterns in their interpersonal relationships. I support them in becoming the RIGHT PERSON as they look to actualize their relationship goals and manage the many challenges of intimate relationships.

Areas of focus:

  • Self-Awareness
  • Self-Regulation
  • Understanding Others
  • Relationship Management
  • Emotional Preparedness for Life’s Challenges

My Role

I have served as a professional coach to support the personal growth and development of my clients for over 30 years.

I take pride in being compassionate, creative and enjoy helping my clients to clarify and work towards achieving their specific personal goals with one-on-one coaching sessions.

My Approach and Coaching Priorities:

My approach is Mindfulness-based, Trauma-Informed and Life Stage Sensitive.

Mindfulness is choosing to pay intentional attention to the thinking mind, the feeling heart and the sensing body routinely. By doing so, we can choose to respond rather than react mindlessly. Click here for my Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction Program, Mindful Eating- Heartful Living Program.

The trauma-informed approach is a collaborative, strength-based, solution-based perspective that aims to increase resiliency and promote coping skills in dealing with life’s challenges.
Life Stage Sensitive is simply the understanding that the stage of life of an individual, impacts his/her challenges and the resources needed to address his/her concerns.

I partner with my clients to explore their stories to unlock their full potential with a passionate and creative style. As a coach, I am both a strategic guide and an accountability partner to help my clients design, reimagine, or explore their relationship style and impact at different points in their lives, assisting them to create both the vision and the action plan to achieve their goals. I support my clients’ self-awareness by promoting self-reflection and self-assessment, using a variety of tools that are customized to fit my clients’ needs.

I serve best as a guide who is driven by the individual. As a part of each engagement, I

I seek to support and challenge my clients in creating new insights and identifying strategies for applying their new learnings. This is done to enhance positive transformation and change that promotes interpersonal effectiveness.

I have extensive experience in coaching people from all walks of life and many cultures. Additionally, I deliver my services as a client-focused, highly empathetic, curious, and intellectually agile individual with unwavering ethics and integrity.

My personal history and upbringing have enabled me to adapt well to change and be flexible, responsive, and able to work and thrive with culturally diverse individuals.

I am fluent in Farsi and culturally competent in European, Middle-Eastern, Asian, South American, and North American Cultures.

I look forward to connecting with you.

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